Twitter cuts (#41)

On the accelerationist dilemma:

Even speaking as an adversary, it’s worth pointing out that the advantage of taking the Left Accelerationist path is, that way, you still get Right Accelerationism for free. Head for spiritual redemption through fully automated luxury communism and get devoured by Omega-telic X-risk. Everyone wins.

3 thoughts on “Twitter cuts (#41)

  1. Suspiciously much like two ways of looking at the same process. Meaningless frolicking in the sidelines (with or without automated gulags) coincides with biological beings becoming obsolete. Immersive simulations and drugs to keep them happy and occupied, manipulating a meatsack into the odd “mission” for tasks robots can’t (out)perform yet. Iain Banks nailed it. The leftist view is easier to swallow for most, but all it does is cloak the underlying gritty realism.

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