5 thoughts on “Twitter cuts (#150)

  1. NY Backs Trump
    @foildoctrine @puffdude5 Russia is the most important ally we have. if they dont help us save Christianity – it’s gone in a generation.

    • douglas dietrich begs to differ … as if he ever does anything but … still .. i lent him an ear most of all yallz for more than a few years now .. his christmas blow out specials (2x over 2 hours w ex family of god paedo cult missionary in taiwan) is repetitive in parts, also omits his frequent claim africa and christianity have the future .. but i don’t regret lisnin.
      ps: your aVVATER by the way reminds me i might as well another weirdass Revo Radio host: Sean David Morton .. he strongly identifies with the jonah story … surrounding his competitive spate with the famous california quake predictor Gordon Scallion whose winning streak he broke via timeline reweavery (topic of books he claims has hundreds of reviews on amazon). He’s a glut good on politics .. cause nefariousness is an open book to him. Incredibly unenvrofriendly racist though.

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