4 thoughts on “Twitter cuts (#139)

  1. Trump supporters don’t seem like the ideal candidates for populating a seastead. They’re the people most loyal to and most attached to their country. They’re the people who would be most sceptical of things like seasteading. There probably wouldn’t be many economic opportunities for them on a seastead.

    Admittedly I haven’t done much reading on the movement, so I don’t really know what a seastead’s economy would look like. But obviously farming is out of the picture and I can’t imagine manufacturing would be cost effective, so it would be all services. Then I guess you’d have an upper-middle class working in tech, culture, tax evasion and so on with a working class to wait on them and keep everything running. But here’s the thing: the former class already have it good in America and so have no incentive to move to Thiel’s seastead, and in general they are not affiliated with the Red Tribe anyway, and with the latter class you can just do what the Arabs do and tap into the limitless supply of Indians and other third-worlders. So where does that leave Trump’s supporters? I mean, the whole damn point of the election is upper+lower vs middle. But would there even be a middle on Thieland?

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