3 thoughts on “Twitter cuts (#129)

  1. it is similar to faulty hard disk. it was all right for last few years, and now not accessable any more. this way or another we are forced to discover different imposibilities, seems unavoidable, then why not to make use of it.

    “Thermodynamics, relativity, and quantum mechanics are all rooted in the discovery of impossibilities, of limits to the ambi­tions of classical physics. Thus they marked the end of an ex­ploration that had reached its limits.” Prigogine, Order out of chaos p217.

  2. meh, when did a civilization worth it’s salt ever depend on people knowing history let alone depending on uni profs and adolescents to be its pillars? as for the whimpering and whining ever was it so…

  3. @Susan_Hennessey Jul 27
    Susan Hennessey Retweeted Paul Rosenzweig
    Absurdity of 2016 in a nutshell: Is Trump a Russian Agent under FISA or FARA (no) or just a useful idiot (yep)?

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