Triumph of the Meme

How things have changed:

Back in 2010, the idea of using memes to political ends was still housed within a fairly slim leftist-activist corridor – it was a tool that seemed entirely of our own creation, and entirely under our control. We viewed memes as a vehicle through which activists could speak truth to power – they were molotov Jpegs to be thrown at corporate hegemony’s bulletproof limousine. […] Never in our most ironic dreams did we the think that the spirit of our tired, lager-fueled pisstakes would end up leading to a resurgence of white nationalism and make the prospect of a fascist America faintly realistic. …

3 thoughts on “Triumph of the Meme

  1. if not for him inventing memes and gore the internet we might all be in concentration camps by now.Punch,mad magazine anyone, the simpsons,a modest proposal,
    The real worry is they have turned the internet over and are working for speech crime law now the neckbeards better get their act together and build the tech we need to keep the internet free and the social media out of lefts hands and open source anonymous and censorship free

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