Quick links (#32)

Shenzhen rises. Global Shanzhai. A giant (but mediocre) FT special report on Shanghai.

Anomie in Japan. A deadly nap in North Korea. Hersh swears by his story.

Complexity economics (plus). What is money? Non-economics.

Singularity — don’t hold your breath. A step towards brain mapping. Accelerated genomics. Crypto-frenzy and schizo-security. Robophobia. Retrocomputing. Social media polarization. After the cookie.

Evolutionary heresy, today. DSM-5 as OCD. Experimental music (plus, math and music).

Wark on Pasquinelli. Marxian eschatology. Weak cosmists. The ‘crawling horror’ of kludge. Refactored agency. Banana media.

Urban Future @ Work

Benjamin Bratton found this stunning development:


It looks as if it’s really going to happen. (OK, that’s probably over-excited.) Yet another prompt for delirious rapture about the continuing development of Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, there’s also a brutal class war to fight:

Twitter cuts (#5)

Moe Lester on Shenzhen: