Ccru: Writings 1997-2003


Available here.

At over 80,000 words, this is by far the chunkiest Time Spiral Press product yet. It contains the entire archive of Ccru completed writings, to the best of our understanding.

Preponderantly, these texts are working the Numogram, which is to say: decrypting the intrinsic content of decimal numeracy as such. Arcane fictional framing repels belief, and thus restricts the message to uncontroversial formal structures of modulus-10 arithmetic.

Editorial intervention has been minimized, to preserve documentary integrity (of material without clear authorial origin, which is now over a decade old).

Templexity is Out

Thank you Amazon. Despite some frustrations with the Kindle Direct Publishing interface — which isn’t designed for editorial convenience — the excitement of disintermediation-in-action more than makes up for it. If the self-publishing system reached the stage where writers spent their time on the platform, as a work-space, in the same way they can on a blog today, the horizon of possibility would be pushed out to yet inconceivable distances.

Templexity aims to catalyze a theoretical coagulation where the philosophy of time, contemporary (complex) urbanism, and pulp entertainment media are complicit in an approach to singularity (as a topic, a thing, and a nonlinear knotting of the two (at least)). It proposes that the urban process and the techno-science of time machines is undergoing rapid convergence. (This seems to be a suggestion whose time has come.) Grasp the opportunity offered by computers to visualize what cities really are, and the dynamics of retro-temporalization are graphically displayed.

epub covernew-2

That being for which the being of time is opened as an exploratory path is the advanced global metropolis. This is a contention already tacked to a cinematic, mass-media revelation, although one formatted by deeply-traditional dramatic criteria, thus systematically, and automatically, encrypted.

Far more on all this later. (If I say too much now, I’m worried I might save you $4.00.)

Urbanatomy Electronic

Urbanatomy‘s venture into e-publishing, through the Amazon Kindle Store, begins with a series of Urban Future Pamphlets, threaded upon the theme of time. Each of these volumes is something over 7,000 words in length, with material drawn from the period prior to the present — and hopefully mature — version of the Urban Future blog. They have been selected as pilots for future e-books (of the same length, and longer).

Once Amazon stops dithering about the first volume (in suspension, I believe, because of changes to the product specifications) the release of these editions will be seized as an opportunity to revisit their topics here. More on all of this over forthcoming weeks.

#1 Shanghai Times (pending)
#2 Calendric Dominion (US$0.99, here)
#3 Suspended Animation (US$0.99, here)

Open Door Products

A Taste of Shanghai

Not exactly a free lunch, but it’s free, and food-oriented. The culture-rich food section of the Open Door Guide to Shanghai, written by Shelly Bryant and Sun Li, has been torn out and digitized, to be dished out as a promotional vehicle.

Anybody with an iPad can pick it up from the App store here. (Let us know what you think.)

[Seriously folks — it’s FREE. If you have an iPad and you haven’t downloaded this yet, you might as well complete the abuse by dropping into the office and beating me into a coma with a spiked baseball bat.]

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