Outer Edges

Exploring Dynamic Geography at The New Centre for Research & Practice. The main focus will be the work of Patri Friedman — including some seasteading (theory only), but DG is much bigger than that. Scott Alexander’s ‘Archipelago’ essay serves as a valuable introduction, at the level of political philosophy.

(Check out the Spring 2016 NCR&P schedule for additional courses. Much enticement to be found there.)

Interesting Times

Blockchain schizophrenia is reaching criticality:

So we find ourselves in the Bitcoin “missile crisis,” and uncomfortable ironies abound. The decentralized currency is beset by centralizing pressures if it changes or if it doesn’t. The apolitical currency is being rent by a deeply political rift between camps, each of which purports to be the trusted authority over the trustless, anti-authoritarian currency.

No one ever said anarchistic collective decision-making was going to be easy.


Quotable (#54)

A fascinating window onto increasingly fractious Bitcoin politics provided by Cody Wilson (in a heated manifesto):

I say attack the [Bitcoin] Foundation because it is the think tank of the bitcoin counter-revolution. Its record (hey guys, this time we focus on core dev, for reals) is and will continue to be the (re)production of the state-form in bitcoin thought. Yes, the State-form. That reef on which the revolutions of the past two centuries ship-wrecked. Unseen by the hapless steersmen who with their organization set sail in the name of technological libertarianism. […] We’re at the heart of the matter now. This Bitcoin Foundation works to provide the moral foundation for state action against bitcoin. Its apologists’ proliferating canards aren’t just the justification of the state-form in thought, but the State’s literal and active manifestation. For the State is not just institutional, it is immanent in thought — it guides, even determines thought’s possibilities.

Polemics aside, there’s massive depth to this controversy. (Much more about it to come.)

CoinDesk provides some helpful background (and links).

(Via Sergey Ershov in the comments here.)

Twitter cuts (#13)

XLR8AN on anarchism:

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