Somewhere deep in the task-queue here (at UF) is a post, or article, exploring the resonances between phobic Occidental responses to Orientals and robots (as promised, unreliably, in this post). Some grist for the mill:

Last week, the giant Chinese internet and gaming company Tencent published an article on its news portal about the rising price of consumer goods in China – not exactly earth-shattering news, except that the article was written by a robot called Dreamwriter. […] Dreamwriter wrote the 1000-word article, using algorithms that search online sources and data, in just 60 seconds. The article quoted economists and highlighted trends in a style indistinguishable from a human financial reporter. […] According to the South China Morning Post, Dreamwriter’s article was the first robot-written news article in the Chinese language.

The Morning Post quoted a Chinese journalist who said China’s state-run media doesn’t give reporters much creative license, which makes them easily replaceable by robot writers: “You know, many reporters working for government-run newspapers across the country usually copy and paste the statements and news press. They are not allowed to express doubt or really investigate reports against the authorities. So robot reporters could easily replace a lot of Chinese reporters like this nationwide.”

5 thoughts on “Sino-Robotics

    • That’s the dominant (if partially-submerged) stereotype — simultaneously robo- and sino-phobic. Compliance is not in reality so uninteresting, IMHO.

      • actual (machine precision/repetition like, not mention mass, compliance, crowd control) would be post-human and so truly novel and as you say interesting, but also useful as a counter-point to point out that human-beings aren’t already assembled for such achievements despite all the blather about hive-minds and ideologies…

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