Quotable (#98)

Eugene Volokh doesn’t think moral objections will provide much of a rampart against neo-eugenics, concluding:

… none of this responds to the ethical, philosophical, or religious objections to genetic modification of intelligence that are driving the high current hostility to such modification. (A response could be made, I think, but it’s not my goal here to offer it.)

My point is simply that competitive pressures, on the international level as well as the individual level, are pretty likely to swamp such objections in practice, at least unless someone shows that the objections are so overwhelmingly compelling that we are willing to risk permanent second-class (fifth-class?) status in order to adhere to them.

2 thoughts on “Quotable (#98)

  1. yeah the technologies will be used in ever increasing numbers (just look at the widespread use of “study” drugs in US undergrads) and so many cities are banking on medical-technologies to be the savers (good luck) of their dying last century economies that any lingering christianism will go the way of alcohol/gambling/marijuana prohibition,
    likely that a more widespread, and presently occurring, issue will be all the poor (economically and all) kids who are malformed from their exposures to all kinds of stressors; the sky-rocketing diagnoses/drug-tx of personality, mood, behavior, etc “disorders” will soon be more firmly grasped as developmental issues that barring some literal neuro upgrades will be disabling.

  2. i liked this twitter-cut:
    Bethany Horne ‏@bbhorne Jul 5
    Good morning! The world is a mess. Decide your course of action accordingly.

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