Quotable (#48)

Some semi-random snippets from the (truly) extraordinary Autophagiography:

… (for some reason the keyboard of my phone predicted ignorance with capital I after divine — this intelligence knows better sometimes) … (37-8)

The ‘now’ does not coincide with itself. (52)

Humans are led to thinking that thinking itself is inhuman. And by the same thinking they are led to thinking that they themselves are inhuman. It shows that thinking is at place in humans while utterly displaced, so that when humans think thinking they are thinking horror through being nothing and when thinking thinks humans it is thinking nothing through being horror. (55)

Salvation is the sheer non-existence of anyone in need of saving. (62)

We hear only the deafening silence coming out through the scars of the horizon. (79)

Let me quote Hrundi: The reality of time as a catastrophe that takes place from the future towards the past. (87)

I couldn’t sleep at night because you omitted 3 times to add me to Twitter conversations. (109)

We are doomed and the doom is doomed too (123)

Ellipses would be our friend and there would never be cause for editorial disagreement. (143)

About publisher I expect Gnome would be interested, also as secret-open back story to the Cantos (161) [Link added]

Did you see my question re: title? Of course the word of the day is “Autophagiography” so that could be in there, as in after a colon or whatever. (161)

I am only interested in the unthinkable … (162)

(Stripped by necessity of narrative architecture, formal variation, and long-wave rhythms — as also, by deliberate but unreflective selection, of fictional texture, conversational articulacy, referentiality, lyricism, and humor. Of all these things, there is much.) Autophagiously.

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