Quotable (#46)

The archaic blockchain (as registered in Deleuze & Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus, p.149):

There is a sort of vast cycle of flows of production and chains of inscription, and a lesser cycle, between the stocks of filiation that connect or encaste (encastent) the flows, and the blocks of alliance that cause the chains to flow. Descent is at the same time flow of production and chain of inscription, stock of filiation and fluxion of alliance. Everything takes place as though the stock constituted a surface energy of inscription or recording, the potential energy of the apparent movement; but debt is the actual direction of this movement, a kinetic energy that is determined by the respective paths of the gifts and countergifts on the surface. Among the Kula, the circulation of necklaces and bracelets comes to a standstill in certain places, on certain occasions, so that a stock may be re-formed. There are no productive connections without disjunctions of filiation that appropriate them, but there are no disjunctions of filiation that do not reconstitute lateral connections across the alliances and pairings of persons. Not only the flows and the chains, but the fixed stocks and the mobile debts—insofar as they in turn imply relations between chains and flows in both directions — are in a state of perpetual relativity: their elements vary — women, consumer goods, ritual objects, rights, prestige, status. …

(UF emphasis)

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  1. Nice connection, UF. I’ve only recently put Deleuze and blockchain together myself, but already sense that it has tremendous potential. Have you come across anything interesting in this space? Others writing about the becoming-blockchain of the BwO? In any event, I enjoyed looking around your blog and will come back when I can. Cheers, Michael

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