Quotable (#34)


Anyone remember that Malaysian airlines plane that went down in July in Ukraine killing 283 persons? […] … Anyone remember the outbreak of World War Three in Ukraine two weeks ago? […] … Recall the action in Ferguson, Missouri, last month. […] … Something happened in the Gaza recently, didn’t it. […] … Remember the Argentine bond default? […] … All of these stories have something in common: tons of unanswered questions, which the news media shows no interest whatsoever in following up on. And no consequences. People die, nations rise and fall, money disappears, and everybody forgets. This can’t just be about the diminishing returns of the grotesquely over-hyped “information age” — though the blowback from computers and all they have wrought may be tremendous. No, the memory hole is the truest signifier of the times we live in: the Age of Anything Goes and Nothing Matters.

That may be changing, even as I write. The Age of Consequence comes in on little cat’s feet. (See Steve Ludlum at Economic-Undertow.com for an excellent disquisition on that.)

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