Quotable (#187)

Forney makes a crucial point:

The biggest problem when political movements become popular is that they attract people who aren’t committed to the core ideology and just want to be one of the cool kids. So it is with the alternative Right, increasingly infested by normies who cling to their Leftist delusions like Linus to his security blanket. One of the most popular wrong-headed ideas in the alt-Right is that Whites can magically make socialism work if we just kick out everyone with melanin in their skin.

Seems to me that is the “core ideology”.

2 thoughts on “Quotable (#187)

  1. It isn’t just Alt-right, Reactospere is even worse than the Alt-right. Whereas Alt-right wants fascist economy, which at least has crumbles of market left, Spenglerites, Evolans, etc. want to eliminate the market completely (anything other than hunter-gatherer society is apparently “artificial” and “atomizing”). Doesn’t really matter, I suppose, they’ll just get colonized by peoples with superior economics.

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