Quotable (#184)

Brandon Smith (who can get a bit excitable, in the right direction):

So, let’s make this crystal clear — the long game is the total and OPEN centralization of economic and geopolitical power into the hands of a select few financial elites. Not the pulling of strings behind the curtain. Not shadow governance. OPEN governance of the world by the elites, accepted or even demanded by the people.

(Close enough for government work.)

Any concerted movement to consolidate global economic governance around “the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket currency mechanism” will support Smith’s analysis. (The UF prediction: It won’t work.)

Also crucial (the heated partisan language can be moderated without loss of signal):

If Hillary Clinton, a well known globalist puppet deep in the bedrock of the establishment, wins the election only to have the economy tank, then the globalists will get the blame. […] If Trump is either allowed in office, or is placed in office, and the economy tanks, CONSERVATIVES, the primary enemy of the globalists, will get the blame for the resulting crisis.

The Accelerationist candidate is in either case the other team’s guy.

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