Quotable (#130)

Badiou on the recent unpleasantness in Paris:

This idea, whose generic name, since the nineteenth century, has been ‘communism’, is today so sickly that we are ashamed to even name it. Well, I’m not. But on the whole, it is criminalised. This criminalisation may have its reasons: Stalin, etc. But the aim pursued by the advocates of capitalist globalisation is not at all an ethical aim, as their media hacks would have us believe. Their aim is the eradication, definitive if possible, of the very idea of a global, systemic alternative to capitalism. We have moved from two to one. This is fundamental. It is not the same thing when, on the same question, there are two ideas in conflict, as when there is only one. And this unicity is the key point in regard to the subjective triumph of capitalism.

(Under solemn obligation to respond to this, within the next two weeks. So far, it isn’t looking like a difficult essay to get into a scrap with.)

2 thoughts on “Quotable (#130)

  1. Badiou will remain the last romantic, given to the positive vision of an alliance of youth and intellectual, a dream of emancipation to come. To bad it’s just a dream of a culture that has seen its best days go by the wayside. Now comes the end from which there is no exit. Yet, he is right, the young have no future, no vision, and have turned to the darkness and futility of their own suicidal and destructive impulses. The question as always: How to awaken them from death to the larger Death that might give them back a real chance to exit this devastation?

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