Quotable (#114)

Crypto-anarchy in Forbes:

There is something about the Internet that brings out resistance to authority. “Libertarianism is much more important in cyberspace than in real space,” says David Friedman. “Nearly all political discussion on-line is pro- or antilibertarian. Libertarianism is the central axis.”

[…] Against all this governments are fighting a battle they have no prayer of winning, says Walter Wriston. Fortified with strong cryptography and growing exponentially, Wriston says, the Internet will irrevocably weaken governments as we know them. “They haven’t got a chance in hell with that thing,” he chuckles. “There’s no way anybody can control it.” […] We do not know where all this will end, and neither does anyone else, but for better or worse, the implications for politics, for economics and for human freedom are enormous. The 20th century was the century of Big Wars and Big Governments; fascist, communist, welfare state. The 21st century is going to be something quite different.

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