Quotable (#113)

Jehu on the hard lessons (for the Left) from Greece:

You can almost feel the sense of defeat on the Left after SYRIZA agreed to capitulate to Merkel and Hollande. SYRIZA was the best chance in the past 35 years for the radical Left to change the debate and prove Thatcher wrong. Had SYRIZA succeeded, there would have been an alternative to neoliberalism that the Left promised was possible. In the aftermath of SYRIZA’s capitulation, however, there is a real question whether any alternative is possible. Podemos, the powerhouse Left formation in Spain, which seemed poised to benefit from the SYRIZA election victory in January, has since peaked in the polls and seems to be flatlining. […] … many of SYRIZA’s most ferocious critics on the Left know full well the terrible history of compromises the Soviets had to make just to survive when the working classes of Europe left them hanging to power on their own. For these “revolutionary” critics to turn around and accuse SYRIZA of not being revolutionary enough only proves their complete duplicity. They want to condemn Tsipras for making the same sort of awful capitulation to imperialist aggression Lenin himself was forced to make in the early days of the Soviet revolution.

(“This was [indeed] entirely predictable.” The conclusion to the post, however, is considerably less despairing than might be thought appropriate.)

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