Quotable (#105)

Craig Hickman is considerably less than thrilled about this prospect, but that doesn’t prevent him from taking a look:

… in our time we’re beginning to see a new breed of Aquapreneurs who are performing vast oceanic DIY projects for offshore utopian floating cities. Modular cities built on both personal and collective scales based on algae farming on the oceans of the world. Once such place is the Seasteading Institute where the notion of building an actual test pilot project city off the coast of South America may possibly offer a path. Whether the project succeeds or fails it is fascinating to see people seeking alternatives to our present decaying and dying civilization. Another such DIY Utopia is Blueseed a techno-libertarian Silicon Valley start-up that touts itself as the “Googleplex of the Sea”, and plans to launch the ship in 2015, offering living and office space in an elegantly designed modern tech environment, attracting top entrepreneurial and technology talent from all over the world to Silicon Valley, where they can create companies and jobs, and develop disruptive and innovative technologies.

2 thoughts on “Quotable (#105)

  1. Actually I’m all for the anarchic strains, yet as you’ll see in my next post and follow-up Cryptosociety: The Dark Economy and Technologies of Freedom: http://darkecologies.com/2015/08/19/cryptosociety-the-dark-economy-and-technologies-of-freedom/

    I see these technologies being coopted and reintegrated back into the larger techno-capitalist behemoths who are already enclosing the virtual and physical worlds within the Infospheric continuum of Capital. Sure the small guys will pilfer and exist for a while on the edge of things – the periphery, instigating newer and newer strategies, but the big boys are gobbling them up little by little like piranhas. I use IBM’s democracy of devices hype and partnership with Samsung as a case study in the new post.

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