Quick links (#9)

Some China economy doomsterism from David Stockman. (Here‘s the sanguine view, and some optimism on Chinese micro.)

Adam Minter on China’s online TV take-down.

Why intellectuals ignore East Asia (because it is “a rebuke in major respects to the humanist project).

Flight MH370 — the plot thickens.

A review of recent works on the biology of ideological difference.

Could technology destroy capitalism? (With an introduction to ‘Repcoin’.)

France’s early 20th century crisis.

On the centennial of 1914, European nerves are jangling again.

What Piketty wants.

The print media death spiral.

A report from the Central African Republic. (Plus, a new history of the Congo.)

A milestone in algorithmic face recognition.

Will economics break Moore’s Law?


Balaji S. Srinivasan (@Balajis) is a Twitter-master of the first-order, regularly putting up thought sequences like this:

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