Quick links (#5)

Democracy versus the Internet. Related remarks from Sinocism on the Chinese Internet: “China’s new leadership is clear that it will pursue economic reform without liberal political reform.”

The ten richest cities in China (based on government revenues).

A North-East Asian angle on nuclear proliferation.

Gene editing technology crosses an important threshold.

An introduction to “pharmacopornographic capitalism”: The changes within neoliberalism [*sigh*] that we are witnessing are characterized not only by the transformation of “gender,” “sex,” “sexuality,” “sexual identity,” and “pleasure” into objects of the political management of living, but also by the fact that this management itself is carried out through the new dynamics of advanced techno-capitalism, global media, and biotechnologies. We are being confronted with a new type of hot, psychotropic punk capitalism.

An introduction to Urbit (with lively comments thread).

Digital technology and forgetting.

Bitcoin lacks a tribe.

Serious calligraphy.

4 thoughts on “Quick links (#5)

  1. Visceral stuff that “Testo Junkie”.

    On a side note, you reject the term “neoliberalism”, but does it also mean that no significant change towards “bussiness ontology” in socio-economic reality of the West took place?
    The term might be misleading as the huge macroeconomic planning and control remains ever present, contrary to the views of Milton Friedman probably, but then again…

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