Quick links (#31)

Rudd against the China bears (related), but on the other hand … Political engineering. The AIIB challenge. The limits of comedy. Hacktastic. Chinese mobile app trends.

The new Eurasia. Jehu’s hangover begins.

“The Cuban revolution has always viewed money as a problem, not a solution. That’s why the peso of the old republic had to be destroyed overnight in 1961. Having money let people be independent and operate outside the system. “It’s part of the DNA that Fidel imprinted on the revolution,” notes Ted Henken, a sociologist at Baruch College who has specialized in the island.

Architectural visions.

Shale did it. Corporate dark matter. Thiel on innovation.

The Internet — lame when not terrifying. Writing in the Internet Era. Buterin on proof-of-stake. IPAs. Machine learning goes mainstream. End asymmetric information. VR-blockchain mash. Exponential energy efficiency. A little Moore. E-Residency ‘in‘ Estonia.

The bamboo ceiling.

Rochat, in contrast, models human cognition as fundamentally social in nature. Each person learns to be aware of himself – is [constrained toward] self-consciousness – by other people being aware of him. He learns to manage his image in the minds of others, and finds himself reflected, as in a mirror, through the interface of language and non-verbal communication. This structure hints at infinite recursion, but cognitive resources are limited, and in practice only the first couple of levels of mutual simulation are salient.

Hidden complexity. Extraterrestrial oceans. Life on orphan planets.

Sherry whine. Discrimination at work (intersectionally related). Societal cybernetics. Castle of Chaos. Cyber-dissidence starts to freak the left out. Death in the Anthropocene. Neoliberalism, the puzzle that keeps on giving. Mutant feminisms (related). Laruelle on power (and religion). Negri on Marx and Foucault. Minor cinema and war.

I gave up shouting about “Peak Zombie;” it’s the craze that refuses to die. Into black. HEXEN2.0. Giorgio de Chirico, the game.

Nonmusicology. Anglossia. Katak sounds (plus, plus, plus).

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