Quick links (#28)

China and the Asian Century. What the Great Firewall really does (+ tightening Cyberspace security in China). A step back from the market? China’s stance on the Ukraine toughens.

Žižek on Syriza (not his best work), is it time for tears yet? A Russian perspective on Dogecoin-backed global chaos.

Apple and robots (they’re coming). Troubles at Lenovo (and Mega). The waves of deep learning — the game (with brief expert commentary), plus. Robots at war. Technology isn’t neutral. Job targets. Technology contra capitalism (more, and more). Drones! A Turing classic.

No blockchain without Bitcoin.

Pulling the Dark Net out of the bin. Intelligence outsourcing. What Snowden did. Hackers and the military don’t get along. Backdoor mandates are planned product impairments. Spook girls. Dataclysm.

Origins of matter. Classical weirdness. Sonic RNA browsing.

AI and the end of humanity. Sentient glitchbots. Anomaly Detection (expanded). Squish futurology. Shanghai Future in the LARB. Greek cunning. Nam June Paik on Wiener and McLuhan. Gibson speaks on life in the long apocalypse.

Nineteen lectures by Mou Zongsan.

Unsorcery interviewed. Chromatic consciousness. Bezna. Animism. Hyperstition in the bedroom. Darkmatter awesomeness.

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  1. That paul graham quote in the technology destroys capitalism one is a pretty big deal if you ask me. The infrastructure to facilitate such transfers would have to be thought out but it seems like it has potential. However sanitation at the current era is scale specific so that will have to be overcome.

    On the implications of the third industrial revolution Peter Thiel in his new books says that the answer is to correctly augment humans and not replace labor or factory production. I am uncertain if this point was political.

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