Quick links (#24)

Neither freedom nor tolerance works (an Indian perspective). Not great for the Jews. Embarrassment at CENTCOM. The specter of deflation. Downside oil price doomism, but this should help (more, and more). ForEx chaos. Greece on the precipice. Closer, and a cigar.

Too much Bitcoin excitement to collect. Mysteries of the Silk Road (and Tor). Venture capital in the 1980s. Genecoin.

A wireless brain-computer interface. Anticipating the computer revolution (1970).

Elon Musk is increasingly out on the edge of everything (more).

Anthroturbation. How to catch a superluminal particle. Chinese IQ. When chemistry was outlawed (by the 1404 ‘Act Against Multiplication’ — they should have banned long division).

From left field: Burning, dwelling, thinking. Wikileaks, the book. Ragged promises of Internet liberation. There’s a politically correct excuse reason to read the “lurid tale of a lesbian nun sex gang”.

Naughtthought on Wolfendale.

Grimoires through the ages. (A sample: “The Red Dragon or Le Dragon Rouge is a black Grimoire, also known as a Grand Grimoire. First published in 1822, it is said to have been originally produced around 1522, however this cannot be substantiated. […] From a practical perspective its only value, if you can call it that, is a way of making a pact with the Devil (Lucifer). […] The first part of the Grimoire, gives instruction for finding hidden treasures by the evocation of an evil spirit. In the second part the magician is required to fully submit himself, body and soul, to the demon who will serve him!”)

The sound of dark matter.

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