Quick links (#23)

It’s Xi Jinping’s China now, and Marx still matters. Advances and obstacles on China’s new global networks. Ominous indications from the banks (but also inner metal). China’s ISIS connection. What the Great Firewall actually does.

World conflict trends. Chaos in Argentina. Horror in Pakistan. Ruble rubble. Pluto-net (relevant, plus).

Terrorism works (even when the story is seriously confusing). The CIA torture playlist. Pirate revenge in Sweden (plus defiance from Tor, under pressure).

Automation, and the educational front, stimulation and skepticism. More on the speed, penetration, and strange history of automation. I, for one, welcome our new machine lords. (SRMs.)

Ethereum update. Cryptocurrency education. Death to Changetip! Skype-translator awe. Alien robots.

Do Americans work too hard? (Some comparisons).

Twin futures. Methane on Mars. Dark matter signal? Defending the integrity of physics.

Foucault is still ideologically unsettling (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Eclectic phenomenology. Non-diegetic media. Posthuman problems. The use of pseudonyms. Meat Vector. More (from Gibson) on and around The Peripheral. Stephenson’s leap. Fox reviews Wolfendale. Money for materialism. Cats from outer space.

Cute left nuttiness.

Weekly glitch-fix.

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    • This content contribution stream is highly appreciated — thanks.

      (I’m in Singapore for a few more days, which is a rough excuse for the general atmosphere of deadness here. Things should get cranked up from the 10th.)

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