Quick links (#22)

Chinese inflation, grand strategy, and anti-corruption. Hebei told to clean up. Market turbulence. A post-capital economy? Hong Kong and loyalty. Changi biodome.

Urbanization and inequality. 1WTC is the most expensive building in the world.

Don’t trust economists (even if they’re well informed or objective). The stagnation quandary. Economic impacts of foreign policy and demography. A bubble in the US shale patch?

Difficult times for Venezuela (more, and more). Metamorphosis of Mecca. Cyberwar in Turkey. North Korean hackers. Europe‘s new ‘arc of instability‘. Mesopotamian miseries (1, 2, 3).

Tech-regulation arbitrage. Commercial experimentation at Amazon. AI on the blockchain. Nanotech meets 3D-printing. Memristor update. A path to quantum transistors? BitQuest. Internet decentralization through Project Maelstrom and Ethereum. Skype translator on the way. Attending to the unconnected. AI net nannies. Accelerating AI (more). The week in cyberpanic. What, me worry? Security challenge.

Electrified future.

Trouble in the media industry. Unwelcome lectures for liberals and conservatives.

Cultural evolution. Questioning the language instinct. New genetic codes. Cooperation and (then) collapse. Thinking small. Anaximander’s fish-people.

Lessons on coding and math.

Capitalocene. What is post-nihilism? Situationism re-visited. Accelerated academia. What Left Accelerationists believe. Misanthropology. Marxism for conservatives, and Cultural Marxism confusions. Embrace the decline. VNS Matrix exhumed. Metaphase Typewriter.

Dark matter glitch-scapes (1, 2, 3, 4). Mad for gasoline.

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