Quick links (#20)

Behind the curtains at APEC. China’s energy strategy. Betting on the New Silk Road. The Great Firewall gets mean.

Could Nepal return to monarchy?

The metropolitan exception. Urban villages. Private cities and public places.

Terraforming and geopolitics. The demographics of secular stagnation.

The economy of attention. Beyond privacy.

VR prospects (plus, art in the Oculus Era). A 3D printer in space (but it could destroy the world). IBM enters the email race. Teespring. Permacoin. Blocksign. Mist. Hard drives for cellular computers. Supercomputers still getting superer.

Professional politics (see also). Laughing at the new master race. Robocop security. Andreessen in conversation.

Conceptual Complexity and Algorithmic Information (plus a self-delimiting universal Turing machine). A new alternative to the Turing Test.

How can natural selection be so gay? (Relevant.) Selection pressures of medieval manorialism.

Steve Landsburg on Grothendieck (1, 2). “Some problems benefit from zooming in, others from zooming out. Grothendieck was the messiah of zooming out — zooming out farther and faster and grander than anyone else would have dared to, always and everywhere. And by luck or by shrewdness, the problems he threw himself into were, time after time, precisely the problems where the zooming-out strategy, pursued apparently past the point of ridiculousness, led to spectacular, unprecedented, indescribable success. As a result, mathematicians today routinely zoom out farther and faster than anyone prior to Grothendieck would have deemed sensible. And sometimes it pays off big.” (More.)

The French Revolution isn’t over (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Some notable events: cognitive capitalism, Xenofeminism, fixing the future, Turbo-Gideons and Acceleration, Ecstatic Naturalism (call for papers), Queer SR, Haskell in NY. 2014 World Technology Network Award (for Vitalik Buterin). Transhumanism versus Anarcho-Primitivism. Voiceless media prizes. Also: Pyongyang Business School.

Hypermodern times. A Post-Intentional Future. Money and speed. Less work. Plato was wrong. Marx and the sacred. The first libertarian. The sober ufologist.

Statistical inference for everyone. Code with Khan.

Geek speak.


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