Quick links (#17)

The animating tension between China’s Legalist and Confucian traditions remains unresolved (expect it to increasingly stimulate political philosophy worldwide during this century). William S. Lind on “the Chinese way.” Xi Jinping wants to calm the culture.

CY Leung is far too honest for his own good.

Confidence in the future is unevenly distributed.

Drought in China’s wheat belt.

Top near-term tech prospects, and the basic trend. Emerging arguments: “Where you come down on conflicts between owners and users is going to be one of the most meaningful ideological questions in technology’s history. There’s no easy answer that I know about for guiding these decisions.” Limits of VR. The oil roller-coaster. Fusion hype? Ultra-technologies.

Bitcoin and venture capital, crowdfunding, actuaries, and Asia. It’s on course to take over the Internet. (Some extra crypto stuff (+ ++ +++))

Planned cities seen from space, and others unactualized.

The highly-consequential math of transport nets.

“The Question is Not – ‘When Will Capitalism Die?’ but ‘When Did it Die, and What Should Our Reaction Be?'”

Niemoczynski on the outer possibilities of philosophy. Hickman on the history of the future. Roden on how to think like a fossil. A review of Elettra Stimilli’s Il debito del vivente by Matteo Pasquinelli. Negarestani on the liberation of intelligence. Noys on capitalism and animism.

#Accelerate in Libération.

Interview with an AGI.

Sonic abstraction.

What was Ridley Scott’s Prometheus really about?

Quantum mysticism.


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