Quick links (#15)

Chinese economic wobbles are still fraying nerves. Domestic confidence in China is likely to depend on the real estate market. Some intriguing micro-responses are already evident.

China building islands — beyond the narrow geopolitics, it surely counts as an important innovation when territory becomes constructible. (This is very vaguely relevant.)

Sinocism predictions for 2014.

Simon Leys: An appreciation (by Francesco Sisci).

Taking the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a proxy, and measuring against something solid, it’s not difficult to see where we are on the wave:


Long-term decline models aside, technological innovation tends to accelerate in the trough. Places to look for that happening in the present cycle include blockchain innovation; e-commerce, wearable tech; quantum computing; VR; game-based Internet ecologies; consumer biotech; commercial drones; 3D printing; and — perhaps a little further outspace.

Accidentally Turing Complete systems. (AGI could arise in the unlikeliest places.)

World population probably isn’t stabilizing after all.

Accelerationist tangles.

Jehu on Bichler and Nitzan.

Socialism with alien characteristics.

Computer simulation makes the solar system more puzzling.

An astonishing, genome scrambling bug.

A portrait of Paul Erdös.

Latour on modernization.

Bourdieu on forms of capital.

Beckett and cyborgs.

Gibson reads Neuromancer.

Application of Bayard Operators.

Chip art.

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