Quick links (#13)

America wants the impossible. (+ ideological sorting in the USA.)

North Korea isn’t buying the Chinese Dream. (+ an argument for collapse.)

A nuclear arms race in Asia?

Japanese in revolt against sex.

Will Modi’s India turn to the supply side?

Murray and Garfinkle on Iraq.

AgambenPasolini in his last movie has one of the four Salò masters saying to their slaves: “true anarchy is the anarchy of power.” (+ more Agamben)

New forces of decentralization on the Internet. (+ platform upheaval.)

Danger, robots at work.

Uncanny doubles.

Technological transformation of time perception.

After Singularity, then what?

Accelerationism, the blockchain, and art. (+ Jetpack Communism.)

The most important car company in the world?

Musk gets (even more) energetic.

The Left lashes back against Marc Andreessen.

A speculative warp drive.

Schrödinger’s bug.

Pinker and Kelly at Edge. (+ the age of the informovore.)

Cosmological questions in world religions.

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