Quick links (#11)

China goes for gold.

The Virtual Museum of Computing is one of the greatest online resources out there (now permanently lodged in the UF ‘Resources’ sidebar).

A tech-cluster: How robots could terminate the economics of comparative advantage (we’re doomed). Non-mainstream approaches to AI. Event-driven applications. Bad incentives from statistical software. What the cloud runs on. Social media and political revolution. A US$10,000 phone. “… in reality, nobody is trying to destroy the internet …” Is the Internet dead?

Lego goes cyberpunk.


When robots kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

An AI-based response to the Fermi Paradox. (While in other alien news …)

Consciousness and the brain.

Epsilon Theory: But the market can’t break so long as the common knowledge of Central Bank Omnipotence remains intact. So long as everyone knows that everyone knows that market outcomes ultimately depend on Fed policy, then the Yellen put is firmly in place. If things get really bad, then the Fed can save us. We might argue about timing and reaction functions and the like, but everyone believes that everyone believes that the Fed has this ability. And because it’s such strong common knowledge, this ability will never be tested and the market will never break. A nice trick if you can pull it off … (also).

The smothering of creative destruction is killing US productivity.

Habermas (“the uncrowned philosophical prince of the European Union”) isn’t helping.

The latest step in suspended animation of humans.

Yes, the universe probably is a hologram.

The rule of threes.

Prepare for the worst.

The Hydra always dies.

Žižek the joker (and the imbecile).

French ‘anti-psychiatry’ at St Alban.

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