Poetry at the Limit

At Seamus Cooney’s Bad Poetry page:

My thanks to Alexandra Botelho for suggesting the next item. She writes, “Many people consider ‘A Tragedy,’ by the minor Pre-Raphaelite poet Theophilus Marzials to be the worst poem ever written in the English language. …”


Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s contribution, ‘To a Young Ass’, earns its place in the list from the very first line:

Poor little foal of an oppressèd race!

(The poem then hurtles at a clip clop into Fully-Automated Luxury Communism.)

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  1. “As forTrakl-who failed to organize his desires accord­ing to the laws of his civilization, failed to keep a job, became addicted to opium, enmeshed in alcoholism, failed to defeat his psychosis and died of a cocaine overdose in a military pharmacy -what would we be doing to him if we said he had ‘succeeded’ as a poet?” FN p82

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