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  1. Intriguing subject for a seminar..

    I would be inclined to sign up, but logistical info is a bit thin (at least before the payment processing screen.)

    Are the first few sessions over? And is the Q & A indicative of the flow and group size? Any AV needs? Sorry if this info is prominent and I’ve missed it.

    • I’ve not done a great job on promotion, but the NCR&P have been stuck at fiasco level. It starts next Sunday.

  2. I thought this was really interesting. I don’t see how a metapolitics of darwinistic ‘deletion’ can ever dettach itself from political games, though. If we take Game Of Thrones characters to be the states of an international, anarchic community, can’t we conclude that there is always an element of parasitism, forced allegances, appeals to former relations (ethnic/national sentiment/commonwealth for example), etc. None of these elements result in ‘over inflating’ agency and simplifying things (like you fear), nor is it at odds with the structuralist-anarchy neorealism both you and I prescribe to. I’m just having a hard time seeing this breakage/isolation dettaching it from base politics.

      • Good stuff. Is the Bennett Anglosphere book worth getting? Does he spend much time talking about the dialectical-orientation of the continent contra the Anglosphere (the main reason I’d buy it) Since turning to the Kindle side, processing the idea of a real book is tough going. Should I wait for his new one? Hmm.

        • It has its odd moments, but there’s much of value. His thesis that the resolution of political conflict through schism is an Anglosphere characteristic has to count as a core-insight.

          • Bought. The whole schism vs dialectics idea is too important to skip.

  3. I think it is worth to note that ‘archipelago’ concept was introduced by Edouard Glissant


    As a Martinican cultural theorist, Edouard Glissant has long argued for the exemplarity of the Caribbean situation. He emphasizes the Caribbean archipelago’s history as a point of contact between various, and often violently contradictory, cultural forces. He holds it up, moreover, as a model for all those who, in this current era of multicultural malaise, must cope with the destabilizing effects of conflicting cultural forces on individual and collective identity. Poetics of Relation by Edouard Glissant, Betsy Wing

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