Out of Time

Some realistic questions about prospective machine intelligence regulation:

… we still don’t have a concrete answer about how to effectively regulate the use of algorithms. AI is just another very complex layer added to this already complex discussion, sometimes directly related to “big data” (in the case of deep learning, for example) and other times addressing far bigger questions (in the case of sentient machines, for example).

The UF (accelerationist) response is probably predictable: There isn’t time to reach answers. Acceleration means only (and exactly) that the problem is receding, or escaping. If it would only slow down, everything would be okay. It won’t.

3 thoughts on “Out of Time

  1. yep, witness the widespread adoption without any real testing by consumers (especially in the corporate world) of efficacy, we are deep into matters of blind-faith and the seeds of the next coming wave of collapse have already been sown, hail the Blackbox!

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