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A Taste of Shanghai

Not exactly a free lunch, but it’s free, and food-oriented. The culture-rich food section of the Open Door Guide to Shanghai, written by Shelly Bryant and Sun Li, has been torn out and digitized, to be dished out as a promotional vehicle.

Anybody with an iPad can pick it up from the App store here. (Let us know what you think.)

[Seriously folks — it’s FREE. If you have an iPad and you haven’t downloaded this yet, you might as well complete the abuse by dropping into the office and beating me into a coma with a spiked baseball bat.]


Open Door Guide to Shanghai

Urbanatomy’s first venture into e-publishing – an iPad version of the geographical sections from our (2012) Open Door Guide to Shanghai – is now available online (directly from the Apple Store). The book has 300 pages of content (text and image), which is as much as we could pack in without the App file becoming unwieldy.

This is a transitional product for us – a step on the road to e-publication of serious Shanghai-related material. It has not yet fully evolved as an App, and not yet fully evolved out of being a city guide, but there is no exploration of the city available online that digs deeper into its singularity, or distinctive character. (Complementary up-to-the-minute city listings information can be acquired from the that’s nav mobile App.)

For anybody unable to visit the city themselves, it’s the next best thing. For anybody planning to visit, it should add enjoyment and understanding. For anybody already here, there’s a lot you didn’t know (and haven’t seen). The original back blurb still works for me:

Covering Shanghai area-by-area … Urbanatomy’s Open Door Guide to Shanghai invites its readers to the boundless fascinations of the world’s most dynamic and concentrated urban giant. Written by long-term residents with undimmed enthusiasm for the city’s glories, complexities, and peculiarities, it is fully illustrated and packed with venue information.  

Our main guest writers, Shelly Bryant and Sun Li (working together) wrote the sections on the city’s Outlying Districts; The Bund and People’s Square; Hongkou and Suzhou Creek; Xujiahui and the Former French Concession; Hongqiao; and the wider Yangzi Delta. Their greatest strengths are represented by the cultural back-story they tell, especially in respect to the city’s literary history and gardens.

My own sections are the Shanghai Overview; The Old City; Jing’an; and Pudong. The focus of interest in these parts is skewed more towards socio-economic history, architecture, and urban development.

If we can shift some of these puppies, there’s no end to the great stuff we’ll start sending down the pipe … so you can think of it as an investment in the future.

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