Money Machine

The first Bitcoin Computer is released:

The 21 Bitcoin Computer, which goes on sale Monday, is a small, bare bones, Linux-based piece of hardware in which the bitcoin protocol is a feature of the operating system. Any products or services built with it – games or music or any online content – would have bitcoin built in as a component. … The computer’s operating system will include a full copy of bitcoin’s code and related software that will allow developers to make bitcoin a core feature of the products they build. It also uses a chip 21 unveiled earlier this year that is linked to 21’s mining pool and provide a steady stream of bitcoin for the user. […] With this computer, 21 CEO Balaji Srinivasan explained, users can build a service or site in which conceivably every page view can be monetized. “The utility of bitcoin up until this point has been the speculation value,” Mr. Srinivasan said. “We have a new, pretty strong use case for bitcoin.”

(Detailed UF commentary: Awesome.)

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