Left Accelerationism

The hard-core version from Peter Sunde:

I’m hoping Donald Trump wins this year’s election. For the reason that it will fuck up that country so much faster then if a less bad President wins. … Hopefully technology will give us robots that will take away all the jobs, which will cause like a massive worldwide unemployment; somewhat like 60 percent. People will be so unhappy. That would be great, because then you can finally see capitalism crashing so hard. There is going to be a lot of fear, lost blood, and lost lives to get to that point, but I think that’s the only positive thing I see, that we are going to have a total system collapse in the future. Hopefully as quick as possible. I would rather be 50 then be like 85 when the system is crashing.

2 thoughts on “Left Accelerationism

  1. Wow. When that “your wish is granted” moment comes and the zombie apocalypse has someone blowing his brains out, well I guess he’ll be beside himself.

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