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  1. So, is there (could be) even an index(es) of acceleration and deterritorialization and one(s) that moreover would (could) be agreed by Right and Left?

    Because the profound initial disagrement seems to be on both:

    1. Whether acceleration is actually happening or is this a stasis masked by illusion

    2. Whether capitalism is relatively more deterritorializing or reterritorializing

  2. Great introduction, thank you!
    When I talk to my Marxist friends on “mankind is its temporary host, not its master” point, they have this standard objection that capital needs humans, because only they can produce value and only they can buy stuff so that capital can reproduce itself. My question would be if you would go in the direction that capital tends to abandon the production of use values as such and move to some cyberspace domain where value (or ” ‘ “) is produced in some completely new way? How do you imagine the auto-productiveness of capital more concretely? What would you say back to someone who says that if we go, capitalism goes as well?

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