Interesting Times

Blockchain schizophrenia is reaching criticality:

So we find ourselves in the Bitcoin “missile crisis,” and uncomfortable ironies abound. The decentralized currency is beset by centralizing pressures if it changes or if it doesn’t. The apolitical currency is being rent by a deeply political rift between camps, each of which purports to be the trusted authority over the trustless, anti-authoritarian currency.

No one ever said anarchistic collective decision-making was going to be easy.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Times

    “Rory Cellan-Jones asks whether Microsoft’s efforts to gain a foothold in the mobile market are finally over after it announced big cuts to its handsets business. He also visits a digital currency conference in London to find out where the future of Bitcoin lies, and special guest David Birch, digital currency expert, give his views. Plus we hear from Brazil on how technology could boost the barter economy, and children in the UK learning to code.”

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