3 thoughts on “Iconic Differences

  1. The most alarming difference I can see is the reverse swing in the mode of transportation. Does the Artist mean to allude to China’s rapid growth and to further suggest the West has surrendered the wheel in its role of leading innovator? The West believes the race has already been run, and now think they can opt out by taking up the ‘old life’ of country-side cycling and Scrutonian horse rearing. To combat these foreign impressions my policy would be to invest heavily in Hyperloop and in making the switch to self-owned and operated electric vehicles. It could also be beneficial to educate the populace away from the idiocies of romantic environmentalism, which is perhaps the leading cause of luddism in the West, and instilling in them a sense for the convenience of speed. As for the rest of the portfolio, I found it to be a very fair depiction, without it being overly concerned of causing offense or avoiding a wry chauvinist spirit, which only adds to its charm. Overall it was proof of the Eastern virtue for understated expression of profound ideas. I’d only counter that sometimes selling a small idea big could result in a big pay-off, whereas underselling a big idea might fail to attract a bidder.

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