Dr. Copper is not amused

Wintry indications:


Financialization, namely massive amounts of leverage, has made the disconnect between the stock market and the economy extend wider and longer than ever before. Maybe another speculative melt up is ahead. Who knows? Maybe DOW 20,000 or 30,000 is in the cards. […] With enough monetary deception anything’s possible. But, nonetheless, gravity still exists. Stocks cannot go up for ever. After a six year bull market, accompanied by a lackluster recovery, stocks could return to prior levels that were in line with present commodity prices. Remember, just a few years ago, Dow 8,000 matched up with current copper prices. Soon it likely will again.

ADDED: Also concerning.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Copper is not amused

    • So wrapped up in trying to get Crypto-Current out before mid-December that I’m clinging on to everything else by my fingernails. (More attention comes back online with the new year.)

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