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Iceland could be about to become a redoubt for Cyberspace liberty:

The party that could be on the cusp of winning Iceland’s national elections on Saturday didn’t exist four years ago. […] Its members are a collection of anarchists, hackers, libertarians and Web geeks. It sets policy through online polls — and thinks the government should do the same. It wants to make Iceland “a Switzerland of bits,” free of digital snooping. It has offered Edward Snowden a new place to call home. […] And then there’s the name: In this land of Vikings, the Pirate Party may soon be king. …

2 thoughts on “Digital Thing

  1. Colour me sceptical. The tech industry and culture is overwhelmingly leftist these days; the Bitcoin crowd are a small minority (even among the decentralisation types there is a leftist contingent who hate cryptocurrency, even though cryptocurrency is the only chance decentralisation has). Look at what happened to the German Pirate Party, or just read some political threads on Hacker News. The pirate types aren’t about freedom of association, they’re about democracy, democracy, democracy. The directer the better.

    Then there is the fact that WaPo wrote a piece about them without once calling them problematic or literally Hitler.

    Look at how they speak about themselves:

    “We are not here to gain power,” said Ásta Guthrún Helgadóttir, a 26-year-old Pirate member of Parliament. “We are here to distribute power.”

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