Urbanatomy Electronic

Urbanatomy‘s venture into e-publishing, through the Amazon Kindle Store, begins with a series of Urban Future Pamphlets, threaded upon the theme of time. Each of these volumes is something over 7,000 words in length, with material drawn from the period prior to the present — and hopefully mature — version of the Urban Future blog. They have been selected as pilots for future e-books (of the same length, and longer).

Once Amazon stops dithering about the first volume (in suspension, I believe, because of changes to the product specifications) the release of these editions will be seized as an opportunity to revisit their topics here. More on all of this over forthcoming weeks.

#1 Shanghai Times (pending)
#2 Calendric Dominion (US$0.99, here)
#3 Suspended Animation (US$0.99, here)

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