Urban Future (2.1)

Compared to the record of seismic chaos that leads to this point, the final transition of Urban Future to a convenient and reliable WordPress platform is a scarcely discernible tremor. All the material posted on the now-defunct Joomla site has been transferred  here, in some cases amalgamated, or annotated.

In response to reader feedback, the template is seriously dark. (Apologies to that small minority of readers who expressed preference for a light background.) The comments system should be user-friendly, and civil remarks of any kind are eagerly welcomed, especially those fostering intelligent discussion.

The agenda of UF2.0 remains unchanged in its essentials:

Urban Future (2.0) is a place to think about cities and time. Based in Shanghai — the model ‘city of the future’ — it is especially focused upon what is happening here, and what that means for everywhere else. This blog is set now, but ‘now’ has no fixed duration.

More, perhaps, than any other city in the world, Shanghai runs its present through memories and expectations. What Shanghai has been is still explicitly taking place, on the way to a destination that it has long anticipated. It is rushing to meet the absolute, globally incandescent modernity that has tantalized it for over 150 years. Obscure presentiments of this strange trajectory dated back further still. Now it is closer than it has ever been, almost palpable, indicated in myriads of signs.

As the arrival approaches, things are triggered, or ignited, in ever more rapid succession. Urban Future is — once again — among them.

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