Time Discipline

If you run through the functional specifications of your time machine, and it looks as if it’s going to print bullion, or proliferate doubles, it’s been badly assembled. Time-travel is the dramatization of something else, and you’re still trapped in the simulation.

Forbes on Seth Lloyd:

In Type 1 time travel — the type highlighted in the “Back to the Future” films — all possible pasts and futures in some sense exist simultaneously, says Lloyd. So, that when you go back and change the past in order to enter a different future, your “old” future is in some sense still “there.”

“From a theoretical physics standpoint,” said Lloyd, “Type 1 is certainly possible, but we still don’t have a very good theory of how it would work.”

He notes that current physical theory favors Type 2 time travel scenario in which the past can’t be changed no matter how hard one tries.

“Our theory of time travel is Type 2,” said Lloyd, “[which means] no matter how hard you try to mess with the past you can’t do it.”

HP Lovecraft fixed the principle.

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