The Road to Trump

reconstructed by Timothy Shenk, very persuasively. There can be little doubt that it gets the story basically right.

This passage sounds more encouraging than it is, when pulled out of context:

“The conservative movement’s mission has become providing comfortable professional livelihoods to literally hundreds of people,” David Frum told me recently. Although this behemoth has proved effective at turning a profit, the intellectual returns on the investment have been paltry. “Conservatism was a lot more creative and effective when it had less money,” Frum said. […] This narrowing of intellectual ambitions has coincided with a crisis of authority. When asked to name the dominant theme of the right’s intellectual history since George W Bush left office, conservative journalist Michael Brendan Dougherty responded with one word: “disintegration”.

Disintegration would be good.

4 thoughts on “The Road to Trump

  1. how about meltdown? feed the populist beast and it will come calling…

    Story soon… BREITBART orbit is ecstatic… the Bannon-Coulter-Sessions wing of the right is now running GOP nominee’s campaign

  2. the conspiracies just keep on coming, can’t believe I still have to argue the point that we have never been Enlightened/Reasoned moderns when the daily news is so full of paranoid magical thinking:

    @TomEHayden Aug 13
    Its hard not to conclude that Assange & wikileaks are collaborating with Russian state security to support Trump’s efforts to bring HRC down

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