The Left Turn

Left Accelerationism undergoes further consolidation, assisted by two high-quality posts, from Fractal Ontology and Deontologistics.

Since Left-framing is a transcendental condition of publicization in the present world order, UF is encouraged to see it being done well. The implications of this development are inextricable from the core controversy at issue: Can acceleration be extracted from its capitalist matrix for socialist redeployment? Left Accelerationists, confident that this is possible, are setting out to demonstrate it. Right Accelerationists, no less confident of its impossibility, have no incentive to obstruct them.

If capital can be exceeded, it deserves to be (by Natural Law). If it cannot, strenuous efforts to exceed it produce tangled elaborations of its potencies. Complexity, competition, pressure, and experimentation are what accelerationism is for.

2 thoughts on “The Left Turn

  1. Now that #Accelerate has an ebook edition, I am thinking about buying it. I prefer ebooks, because I don’t have enough space for that much physical books (plus ebooks are cheaper).
    I am mainly interested in your new essay that is included there, but maybe there will be some other interesting stuff too. I am not sure though. Maybe the resident leftism will get on my nerves or something. What would you say, is it worth buying? And are you by any chance planning to do an independent release of that essay?

  2. Hurlock, my personal opinion is it’s worth getting if you’re really into the topic. The first section, ‘anticipations’ is really good, cybercultures too. Then there’s the new, good stuff from Land, Singleton, and Fisher.

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