Automation Imperative

Japan establishes robotic replacement of human activity as an explicit socio-political principle:

The rise of the machines in the workplace has U.S. and European experts predicting massive unemployment and tumbling wages. […] Not in Japan, where robots are welcomed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government as an elegant way to handle the country’s aging populace, shrinking workforce and public aversion to immigration. […] Japan is already a robotics powerhouse. Abe wants more and has called for a “robotics revolution.” His government launched a five-year push to deepen the use of intelligent machines in manufacturing, supply chains, construction and health care, while expanding the robotics markets from 660 billion yen ($5.5 billion) to 2.4 trillion yen by 2020.

Japanese Lessons

Charles Hugh Smith and Gordon T. Long discuss the unfolding economic calamity in Japan, and its wider implications for the region, and the world. Its excellently done, with an abundance of charts, and links.

The most extraordinary socio-economic experiments in history are underway right now. From a coldly dispassionate perspective, it’s fascinating stuff.

(Source.) More on “Japan’s inevitable apocalypse” here, and here. Some background from Charles Hugh Smith.