Tackling Templexity

Since there are a number of critical tasks that cannot be advanced prior to straightening out some knotty problems of time topology, UF has added a Templexity page (as a work in progress). It will eventually provide supporting apparatus for an Urbanatomy Electronic product of the same name, due out this fall. What cannot be straightened out, of course won’t be — but something will occur. What holds for macro-history holds no less for micro-history, with the two entangling, rather than resonating.

The cultural pretext for this investigation is Rian Johnson’s Looper, whose very crudities and short-cuts become informative, when approached from the right angle.
The perspective of Templexity is arranged by the postulate: Time-travel is the dramatization of something else.
The firm hypothesis: Shanghai is a time machine.

“You should go to China,” Joe is told by his criminal overseer, Abe. “I’m going to France,” Joe insists stubbornly. Abe responds with what – for us – is the most critical line in the movie: “I’m from the future. You should go to China.” With these words, Looper makes Sino-Futurism its topic. The hyper-modern China Event is too vast to fit simply into time.

Ben Woodard has put up a valuable post that delves into the centrality of time-disturbance to the problems of accelerationism. If the accelerationist intuition is on to something, traffic between these zones of discussion can only thicken.

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