Radical Automation

To repeat Thomas Piketty’s most important philosophical insight: “… as I discovered, capital is an end in itself and no more.”

It seems that Slavoj Žižek agrees:

“Is Slavoj Zizek a US propaganda psyop?” asks Left Forum. There are far more interesting possibilities …

2 thoughts on “Radical Automation

  1. “Piketty’s most important philosophical insight”
    Didn’t Marx say pretty much the same 150 years ago?

    Zizek is actually interesting sometimes.
    It’s actually very interesting what implications can this realizaton have for marxism.
    The paradox of the marxist, “How do we make a revolution against revolution itself?”

    And lol, I bet that at any given time there are at least a handful of ideological purges going on on the far left.

    • When Marx looks at Capital, he tends to be continually distracted by the bourgeoisie. Seeing the ends of Capital as quite distinct from bourgeois class interest is an insight Marx might — intermittently — have approached, but it’s definitely not the main message.

      Leftist internecine conflict has to be particularly toxic, because lacking any exit options, they know they’re going to end up living together. That has to be hell.

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